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In 1930s Marseille, France, gangster Siffredi wants to locate his old girlfriend when he gets out of jail. But Siffredi's old flame is with another gangster, Capella, and a fight ensues. After cooling off, the two men decide to become partners, and embark on a slow but steady quest to control the criminal underworld. They start with fixing fights and horse races but eventually move into more dangerous territory that puts their lives at stake.

France, 1970
Krimi drama / Crime, Drama
Festovih 50
Jacques Deray
Jean-Claude Carrière, Jean Cau, Jacques Deray, Claude Sautet
Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Catherine Rouvel, Françoise Christophe, Corinne Marchand, Laura Adani, Nicole Calfan, Hélène Rémy
1970 – Berlin / Berlin International Film Festival
Jean-Jacques Tarbès
Paul Cayatte
Claude Bolling
Alain Delon, Henri Michaud
Adel s, Marianne s, Mars Film
1994 L’ours en peluche
1993 Un crime / A Crime
1991 Netchaïev est de retour
1989 Les bois noirs / Dark Woods
1987 Maladie d'amour / Malady of Love
1987 Le solitaire / The Loner
1985 On ne meurt que deux fois / He Died with His Eyes Open
1983 Le marginal / The Outsider / Marginalac
1980 3 hommes à abattre / Three Men to Kill / Trojicu treba ubiti
1978 Un papillon sur l'épaule
1977 Le gang / Banda
1975 Flic Story
1974 Borsalino and Co. / Blood on the Streets
1972 Un homme est mort / The Outside Man
1971 Un peu de soleil dans l'eau froide / A Few Hours of Sunlight
1971 Doucement les basses / Easy Down There!
1970 Crepa padrone, crepa tranquillo / Die Boss, Die Gently
1970 Borsalino
1969 La piscine / The Swimming Pool / Bazen
1966 To Skin a Spy / Avec la peau des autres
1966 L'homme de Marrakech / The Man from Marrakech
1965 Par un beau matin d'été / Crime on a Summer Morning
1963 Symphonie pour un massacre / The Corrupt
1963 Rififi à Tokyo / Rififi in Tokyo
1960 Le gigolo / The Gigolo / Žigolo


16. May

Time: 13:30
Price: 350 RSD
Sava centar

ŽAK DERE / Jacques Deray

Jacques Deray was born 1929 in Lyon. At the age of 19 he went to Paris to study drama. From 1952, Deray worked as assistant to a number of directors, including Luis Buñuel. Deray’s first film was the drama The Gigolo released in 1960. Deray was fascinated by American film noir and began to focus on crime stories. Deray’s early work includes Du rififi à Tokyo. His reputation was established with the 1969 film The Swimming Pool. His biggest international hit was Borsalino. Deray became dedicated to the genre that won him favor with audiences and continued to make thrillers, action films, and spy films throughout the rest of his career.

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